Nice feedback from day 1 kite course

on 18-08-2015 17:12


So I recently have completed a 2 day course with Essex kite school. The communication and friendliness from the staff was brilliant and straight away put me at ease to try one of the newest extreme sports out there. I was told exactly what to bring with me on the day and who I was to be meeting.

My instructor was Zoltan, he met me in the exact place and introduced himself and we went through some basic knowledge before starting the day on the training kite. The knowledge and skills developed on this first day was crucial and essential part of the learning ( even though you will want to get in the water and tear it up!) zoltan helped me to learn the basics of kite control using the training kite and it was a really good way to get a feel for the bars. He took me through and helped me to understand the wind window and what power it can generate. (Even for a small kite) after I got comfortable we spent some time on the theory aspect which is crucial if you want to be safe in the water - zoltan and explained everything so clearly and was happy to answer any questions (no matter how silly they may be) after this it was time to try a proper kite. At first you do feel a bit nervous after feeling the power of a training kite so you respect the safety knowledge zoltan goes through including kite set up and what to do in an emergency.

The next stage was to get in the water and try out the kites and get used to the awesome power they have, we did some exercises including body dragging and one handed control.

I really enjoyed my course and would fully recommend anyone looking to give it a go to get in touch - I couldn’t have asked for a better instructor with a wealth of knowledge you always felt safe. I look forward to booking my next lessons to get up on a board!